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They said that ink refill cartridges for pens are often the same size and you can substitute a cartridge designed for one pen in another pen. When they were setting up the hack, they were showing Pilot G2 and Montblanc pens. My initial thought was that they were going to put a G2 cartridge into a Montblanc pen and I was thinking this wasn't a very bright idea - you'd have to buy the initial Montblanc pen for a couple of hundred dollars. I was watching one of those life hacks videos and they suggested something which seemed bizarre to me.
But they did it the opposite way. They said that while Montblanc pens cost a couple of hundred dollars, you can buy the refill cartridges for only around ten or fifteen dollars (which is around three or four times what G2 refill cartridges cost). And then you can put one of the Montblanc refills into a G2 pen. My reaction was this was even dumber then what I had originally thought they were doing. If you put G2 refills into a Montblanc pen you might at least impress the kind of people who'd be impressed by an over-priced pen. That's a minimal advantage considering the cost you'd put into it. But the hack they actually suggested doesn't even have that - people are going to think you're using a regular G2 pen and never know you're using expensive Montblanc refills. But am I missing something here? I've never used a Montblanc pen. Is there any objective improvement in the quality that would justify paying more for Montblanc ink cartridges even if nobody knew you were using them?

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